Welcome to Robert Heidersbach’s photo gallery page! As a world traveler and international professor of engineering and corrosion, Robert enjoys capturing life’s little travel pleasures by taking plenty of photos, staring in awe at the amazing architecture of historical buildings, chatting with the locals to discover hidden gems around the places he visits, and documenting his travel experiences in lengthy diary entries. In fact, one of his many travel diaries from his business trips to Egypt can be found here!

Whether it’s watching the annual car parade in Houston, taking a bike ride with his wife along the Katy Trail throughout the south-central United States, relaxing in his kayak among the calm waters of his home in Cape Canaveral, Florida, experiencing the food and culture that the countries he visits has to offer, or listening to his students talk about their upbringing from different cultural backgrounds, Robert has plenty of fun travel photos (and insights!) to share with his readers and students.

Other than Robert Heidersbach’s travel blog, below you will find photo selections that include these travel snippets from the experiences mentioned above and more. Additional photos will be added to the page in the future, as Robert compiles the rest of his extensive travel diary collection. If you’re interested to read about Robert Heidersbach’s travel diaries, which include stops in Egypt and soon Trinidad, check back frequently to find out more!

For more photo fun, please feel free to visit Robert Heidersbach’s photo profiles on 500px and Behance.