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The Best Small Towns to Travel To Around the World

Throughout my decades of travel experience, only one thing has stayed the same: traveling to rural areas and small towns.


These Towns are the Most Bicycle-Friendly

Outside of my professional endeavors of educating young minds about corrosion and engineering, I enjoy traveling and cycling around the cities and counties I travel to. However, when it comes to domestic travel, my wife and I enjoy participating in long distance bike rides. We’ve cycled across Iowa in the RAGBRAI, across Missouri’s Katy Trail, […]


Think Like a Local While Traveling With These 4 Tips

For me, travel is all about meeting new people and fully immersing myself in a different culture. And the only way to do so is to travel like a local! When I travel, I aim to make my trips as authentic as possible by interacting with the local people and community. It presents a unique […]


Places Around the World with Breathtaking Architecture

Over the years, I’ve traveled extensively for both my professional pursuits and personal pleasure. I truly relish the opportunity to explore the world on an international scale as it has presented the unique opportunity to learn from a variety of people, life perspectives, and cultures. But I particularly enjoy learning about the area’s history and taking the time to appreciate the architectural influences that are unique to the region as well.


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