While Egypt is mostly known for the mighty Nile and impressive monuments, its splendid delta and enchanting desert make for postcard-perfect memories. Filled with rich history that dates back thousands of years, the inhabitants love to tell stories about the country’s long past and welcome visitors from around the globe. Take a look below to get a general sense of what sights and sounds are worth seeing when you visit Egypt.

Monuments and Temples

It can be difficult to create an all-inclusive itinerary since Egypt has so many ascetic pyramids, sand-covered catacombs, and soaring temples. To see the best of this intriguing country, visitors can start by exploring Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, which is the site of the Tutankhamun tomb discovery. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo has many of the dazzling finds on display.

Tourists can board a Nile boat and stop at any of the waterside temples. Popular locations for viewing some of the best shrines include Edfu and Dendera. Abu Simbel, built under the rule of Ramesses II, is located on the banks of Lake Nasser. This temple complex was relocated there to protect it from environmental factors. It is now a UNESCO site.


Egypt’s architectural and cultural makeup is mainly influenced by Christianity and Islam. The latter reflects in the medieval mosques and soaring minarets. Cairo especially features some of the most impressive architecture reminiscent of medieval Islam.

All the while, the country’s native Christians, known as the Copts, carry on their traditions that date back to the time of the Pharaohs. The Christian influence shows in the use of the traditional calendar. Cairo has its share of historic churches, and the desert is home to remote monasteries.

Diverse Landscapes

Egypt’s vast desert lands create a stunning backdrop for beautiful sunrises and shimmering horizons. However, the coastline and beaches provide additional opportunities for activities and exploration. Tourists can rent a candlelit cabin on the beach, go snorkeling along coral walls or enjoy offshore diving among coral reefs.

The Nile does remain one of the biggest attractions. While it isn’t Egypt’s only jewel, visitors keep coming back to enjoy its gifts. Sightseeing tours via Nile cruises are still popular with many, especially when time constraints don’t allow for extended vacations.

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